Shahiba's Bellydance



Shahiba began bellydancing in 2003 in Dallas, TX. Her love of the dance has kept her active in the bellydance community ever since.


Her first bellydance teacher was Neenah of the Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment and Academy. Neenah encouraged her to take what she learned in class and perform solo, as well as in the Acadamy's troupes.


Shahiba was invited to join Zaira's advanced class troupe, The Arabesque Dancers. The Arabesque Dancers performed at Harem Nights at Stratos and other restaurants in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. The troupe also performed at the State Fair of Texas and other festivals in the area.


Shahiba was later invited to join Neenah's professional troupe, Harem Fitna. Harem Fitna regularly performed at local restaurants, parties, and other events in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.  While as a member of the troupe in 2006, Harem Fitna won the Ahlan Cairon Nights Queens of Raks Shariki Troupe Competition.


In late 2006, Shahiba moved to Las Vegas. While there, she took classes from many teachers including Amira of Las Vegas and Andrea. Shahiba was a member of Amira's troupe, Raqaseen. Raqaseen performed at many festivals and events in the area.


In 2010, Shahiba moved to the Florida Panhandle where she joined the Kasba Dancers. The Kasba Dancers perform throughout the Florida Panhandle.